No matter how long you’ve had writing problems such as procrastination, slow writing speed, writer’s block, or perfectionism, this program can help.

It works even if you HATE writing!

Hi, my name is Joy, and I teach people who struggle with writing for school or business a unique way to retrain your brain to make writing easy, fast, and even fun.

This program is based on the method I developed to cure my own slow, difficult writing. It made writing so much faster, easier, and more enjoyable that I was inspired to share it with people like you. That’s why I’m launching a program to teach this new way of writing — so you can go from struggling to flow… from dreading writing to no big deal… and from slow to easy.

One of my first students says:

“After six grueling years of trying to improve my relationship to writing on my own, I finally decided to get help. In less than three months, Joy was able to help me completely transform my hatred and resistance to writing into something that I actually enjoy! I almost dropped out of grad school because of all the papers I had to write, but now it’s no big deal. The transformative work we did together has given me the confidence to continue pursuing my dreams.”

~ Jessica, writing coaching client

As an early student you’ll get classes and coaching at a deep discount in return for your feedback to help improve the program.

Classes and private coaching are available. But space is limited — apply here